I lost contact with my body and slipped my hold on space and time. Outside of the eyes of my body, I saw myself overlapping, flipping and twisting – being simultaneously home and here and there.

It was almost too much and I felt like I was overloading. Becoming aware that I have to be careful not to twist my mind.

“I” was in superposition and began reliving moments passed and a variety of my potential future paths. Swimming around considerations of here/now and flying ethereal through what I could only describe as the gates of heaven.

I saw the shift and felt the end of the world and how all opportunity for forward movement is illusion. I knew there is no forward or backward. There is no set direction, only designated position, which I had lost all hold of.

I realized how much my family is me.

I comprehended how the only thing holding me back from the embodiment of my true divinity and total freedom from time is my perceptual boundaries. Boundaries implemented by an incomplete grasp on my potential, as I have yet to escape my observation of lacking capacity for omnipresence

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