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It is found amongst a slight breeze
When windy movements spark my own
In shiver and chill,
That still my body is present
A friendly reminder in
Transmission from the sky
As my mind does often wander
Lost in the questions how and why

Soaring through a dreamlike space

Skipping across a series of memories
Of what is once was lived
And skirting the fringe of imaginative potential
Envisioning of a life unfolding

A life taken down from Supreme Being;
The Mandelbrot cosmos of Entheogenic Contemplation
Through recapitulation
Into the presences of me,
Aware of both my physical casing
And vast interstellar opportunity within the greater mind

Blessed by the Atman’s shine.

Aware in this moment I am nowhere,
In particular
I am no thing,
In particular

I am is
I am being
I am both grandee and petite
Both macro and microcosmogenic
All that is all at once
Looking out from an infinitely specific point of relative perspective.

Looking upon itself looking within.

A light of awareness
Shining out from the darkness of chaos
Shining out from the fears of modern life.

Looking upon itself healing the wounds
That plague a history of lessons half learned
Looking upon itself with compassion

Looking upon an autumn’s breeze and one, still, amongst a chill

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