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I’ve been having this reoccurring sensation; a feeling that the reality I experience as my waking life is really a dream that I am just about to wake from. I start to get a light glimpse of each person within this waking reality – directly present and historically referenced – to be dream characters and creations of my mind. Like a wonderfully sewn yarn, each character in this unfolding dreamscape has become present at the exact moment necessary to further me along a process of awakening to this truth.

Simultaneous to this sense of pending lucidity, there exists a grand paradox of perception; an equally profound but significant counter observation. Though “I” am the only being that exists and all of waking reality is the illusion of my dream constructed around me in an unfolding process intended to slowly awaken me to my true existence, I can feel that every other person that exists – though to my perception is only a fragment of my greater mind – is actually in the same state of awakening as “I” am.

This means that each individual and sentient human being in my completely fabricated reality is also the only being – the only “I” – that exists in their completely fabricated reality. Slowly awakening from a dream their greater minds has constructed. Wherein I am just a character and everything I know about myself, the historical progress of my life, my role in relation to others and even the sensation that I am the dreamer, is a construction of their dreams – not mine[1].

This exquisite paradox of dual yet simultaneous conceptualizations of reality are reminiscent of a state of being I once may have turned away from in fear, but now openly welcome as a part of my dynamic conscious experience of life unfolding.

[1] Like Kurt Russell’s Character in Vanilla Sky (2001)

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  1. welcome to the world of light my friend. this world while real in its entirety is a dream. and since it is a dream you have endless possibilities for yourself. once you see past the physical nature of life itself you can begin to train your thoughts to attract whatever you desire in life to yourself. now it may seem hard or what not but attracting good things into your life whether love, happiness, material things require dedication. you must believe before you achieve. it only requires belief and work. the physical reality is ‘slower’ to respond to your ‘wishes’ but you have already accomplished them. look at each day you have succeeded. wherever you wish to go, you can go, you can do anything

    • jameswjesso Reply

      Matt, thank you for the blessed welcoming to waking lucidity.

      I have been for sometime expereincially investigating my ability to potentate certain events, objects and sensations in my life through a conscious creation and observation of deep expressions of gratitude for what ever that something may be. And I have found increasingly successful results.
      It seems as if the only things that hold me back are slivers of confidence lacking. Slivers that are easily pulled with practice and the words of established and experienced participants within this manifestation experiment.

      So thank you for your words, your efforts and examples.

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