You may remember Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney, The Dream Warrior, from ATTMind Radio Ep. 7.  Well we recently sat down on skype for his show, Reality Check Podcast, to speak about the role of movement and the physical body plays in the transformational potential of psychedelic experiences, waking state psychology, and the dream body. We also speak deeply about my interview with Serge Rokhman from ATTMind Radio Ep. 13.

The discussion on movement complexity was a great one to start that day with, though in hindsight I forgot a key aspect of this discussion. The alteration of energetic patterns in the body when expressed as movement do not just take such explicit forms as the posture and patterns of the body, but mostly create change in the ‘movement’ of the various internal systems (i.e. organs) first.

To know the grander conversational context in which this thought exists, check out this episode below!

Featured image courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci, circa 1490s



  1. This podcast won’t play, do you have another way to listen to it?

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