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As I began to deepen my investigation into external reality as being a multitude of symbols that represent my inner being, strange things began to happen. It started to seem as if some deep, all-knowing part of myself was slowly revealing to me messages hidden within an external display of personal symbolism — Specific anomalous content catching my eye and inspiring a sense of synchronicity[1] due to their uncanny association to recent events in my life. Which would, in turn, stimulate wonder and ideas that question the meaning of such small, but seemingly significant events.

This has led me to question if what is being revealed to us through the growing frequency of synchronicity in our lives, is a slow compounding of insights toward an experiential realization of the true illusionary nature of reality — one that will replace the purely theoretical construct that most of us who consider the Maya[2] currently have of this concept.

A fractal expression of this experience could be that of waking into a lucid dream[3]. Within the environment of your dream are numerous signs that would make it obvious to you that you are in a dream. However, since you are in such an unaware state, moving aimlessly along the dream flow, you do not notice them. As you approach lucidity, those preternatural aspects — that could only exist in a dream — start to become more noticeable. Until you are faced with the deep self-questioning of “am I dreaming?”. Wherein then you are able to reality-check[4] and if you have a solid enough self-awareness of who you are in waking life, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself within the dream.

Leading up to this moment of realization and lucidity, you would have only had a peripheral perception of these signs of the dream state — making you unable to comprehend what they mean. Yet after you hit that point of awakening within the dream state, it all makes perfect sense and you can recognize that everything in your dream is a projection of your mind which contains deep personal meaning. I feel as if coming to the point within our awareness where we can look upon our relation to the elements within our waking world as an externalized symbolic referencing to our internal being, is a developing aspect of an evolving consciousness.

I don’t believe this evolution is being perpetuated by only our external world — i.e. Orbit of the solar system through the galaxy bringing us into new energetic environments — or our internal being constructing our perception of it — “I think therefore I am”[5]. I believe it is a perfectly balanced, yet constantly fluctuating counter exchange between the two — an infinite feedback loop of Evolutionary Emanationism[6].  Somewhere within ourselves, we are being guided by a natural progression outside of ourselves towards a more integral and complete understanding of the role our consciousness plays within the observable universe. Whether or not we – as individuals, a species, and a planet – get to that point depends on whether or not we’re following that space within that is guiding us.

We can look upon lucid dreaming and the question “am I dreaming?” as a point where you have become so aware of your role within the dream’s delusive environment that you are able to transcend its influence and truly question it. This is a point that many of us are coming to in our waking lives in regards to social roles, the economic system, religious ideologies and the nature of consciousness on a global scale. The signs around us become clearer. We are awakening.

[1] The experience of seemingly unconnected events being psychologically and emotionally interrelated

[2] The deity in Hinduism which represents the dream and illusion of duality – separateness from that which we experience as the phenomenal world

[3] A dream wherein you become conscious of that fact that you are dreaming, without waking up.

[4] “A technique used in Lucid dreaming to determine whether one is actually dreaming” – Wikipedia

[5] René Descartes — original Latin: “Cogito Ergo Sum”

[6] A cosmology which considers evolution to be a progress of reality emanating from God, wherein the universe is continuously evolving to higher and more complex states of divine expression

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  1. WeAreAllOne Reply

    Paragraph 5, line 6, you say ‘Somewhere within ourselves we are being guided by a natural progression outside of ourselves…’ The truth is; we are all things. We are not separate from anything we perceive. All boundaries are illusions. Nothing is ‘outside of ourselves’.

    This ‘guidance’ comes from within us because there is nothing that exists outside of us. Self is everything that is tangible and everything that isn’t. The signs and symbolism you describe is the infinite (us/all things) communicating with itself (us/all things). This principle understanding is the key to initiating the process of accelerated growth in consciousness. Seen in its true light, there is no such thing as ‘personal’, there is only ‘universal’ and one’s point of consciousness (the witness) within it.

    • James Jesso Reply

      Hey WeAreAllOne, thanks for your comment. I fully agree with you about all of existence being one consistency and then everything we experience comes form within (please refer to the Holographic Paradigm on wiki). However for the purposes of conceptualizing how we can consider and work with this understanding from a level of consciousness that is based in separateness, I used the language and practice included intentionally to help facilitate a balanced integration of this understanding.
      Yes we are all one on some level, yet we experience ourselves as separate beings most of the time. Except for profound moments of mystical type experience, human consciousness operates in this manner — with great reason. (If I wasn’t able to tell where I ended and you began while we were playing in the park, who would i throw the Frisbee to? How could i even enjoy the game of Frisbee if i had no relative partner?)
      Yes most of our perceived problems in the world and our personal lives come from this misunderstanding of separateness, but if we were perceiving constant oneness all the time we wouldn’t be able to do anything, the joy of being human and alive amongst other humans would cease and all human advancement would stop. We have a body on this plane for a reason, to generate the perception of separateness to experience life relative to other things. Learning oneness through practice or direct transcendent experience is a wonderful and important lesson for all of us and I hope enough of us can get there to make the profound changes on the earth we need desperately in these times.
      For me, what we should try to do is be able to fully integrate this understanding of oneness — regardless of how it is found — while being simultaneously interactive with the world from a relative point. In order to do this we must integrate the concept of oneness into our perception of separateness through practice. This brings balance.
      If you would like to continue this conversation, please shoot me an email –available on my contacts page — I love to be engaged.

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