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I became an amalgamation
Of an orchestral resonance
Materializing spontaneously onto reality
In progressive scan high-definition.
I was still but in continuous movement

My body:
A vessel of energetic conduction,
No longer limited with the perceptual illusions
Of ending at its skin,
I melded with the music
And extended into the space surrounding me.

Swimming through an interconnected
Ocean of musical energetics,
I felt the concurrence of the present moment
Arising from within me
And expressing itself in dance.

And the music
And the body in motion,
Harmonious to a point
Of no longer one or the other or the other
But all simultaneous refections of each other,

Unanimously life
Expressing itself
Honestly, freely, gratefully.


*** This Poem was inspired by my experiences dancing to Kaminanda live in Calgary, AB

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