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Let’s say all that is, all at once is God and we are 4dimensional cross sections of that absolute perceiving itself subjectively through a holographic matrix of energetic vibration.

This matrix is the base of all reality and in its chaotic beauty of asymmetrical movement, it exists in constant connection – from the deepest center of you to the ever-expanding reaches of the universe.

A field of information expressed out of quantum fluctuation.
An ocean of energy and potential.

From this ocean, waves arise at random, that splash out to become that which constructs the material universe. Ebbing an increasingly complex flow that manifests through the creation of what we perceive as space/time events.

Prayer is an energetic message sent out through the quantum ocean. Its energy creates a wave that ripples through reality and can shake the particles of unfolding space/time into the probable outcome of intentional events if you have true faith.

What is true faith? True faith is when you can believe in the power of a higher force to help make things happen for you because of proof by personal experience. Faith in prayer is faith that that higher power is a point within you and that the energy that goes upon this inter-dimensional journey, will hold it’s message with strength – eventually returning with word of new life.

Without faith, we risk fear. Fear that that which we hold so important as to pray for it, will not come about. We watch for it, we map it, we constantly resist letting go of the ego based attachment of needing to see the cause for our desired effect.

Yet as soon as we attempt to control the cause, the observation from our physical body’s relative eyes – that see with the fear of failure – collapses those waves of probability from harmonizing to the whale’s song of your prayer and into only that which you observe: not yet to be.

But when you have true faith – faith in yourself as an expression of God, and one with the flow of the universe – then you allow the random ordering of infinite potential to shift into the probable outcome of that which you pray for.

Manifesting reality out of the consistent quantum eminence of your faithful prayer, echoing from that point within your consciousness that connects to all that is, all at once.

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  1. Yes James!! I love this piece, it speaks volumes of clarity and wisdom. I have been consciously and mentally analysing the points in time where a thought turns negative or fearful and trying methods of countering towards positivity. It becomes easier when you finally realize that the control lies in an ability to let go…which is somewhat oxymoron-ic and that’s what I like best about it. Thanks for sharing James, Love and Peas. 🙂

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