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In this episode, we will talk with Margarita Kozheznikova, professional dancer, performer, choreographer, movement researcher and event facilitator. We talk about the depths of Contact Improvisation (aka Contact Dance), the skin as a sensory organ, somatics as a form of perception, the importance of movement complexity for emotional health, the body as a vessel of consciousness, the ‘bodymind’, and more.

Margarita is a dear friend of mine for many years. She was the woman who helped me find my feet, or maybe better said “the floor”, in Contact Improvasation, which has since become a very meaningful aspect of my life. I was very happy to feature her knowledge and presence on the show.

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Dance with Margarita @ Calgary Contact Improv
Facebook ¦ Homepage
Margarita’s Instagram @margaritakozhevnikova
Margarita On Vimeo

Ted talk we mentioned Daniel Wolpert: The real reason for brains


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