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I check marked 25 on a sunny Sunday and ushered this fresh numeric in with a soft wander.

The trip was gentle and gnostic. Showing me through my clearly dilated pupils the secrets of my inner mind. A wisdom built up over a lifetime of experiences registered and organized somewhere deep outside my conscious understanding.

It was as if the LSD unlocked a coding pattern, which unleashed, restructures the operation of my brain. Allowing me a glimpse of lessons almost learned but alas, ultimately skirted to the fringes of my mind, directed by a perception clouded by 300 years of western cultures conditioned boundaries.

We found fun and imagination in the park as we traveled to the moon in a land buggy, contemplating the social archetype of purple dinosaurs

We caught the daylight just in time to shine rainbows through nirvana quartz and into our optic nerves — Deep seeding it’s healing vibrancy into any remaining grey I may have held in my psyche.

Lying together in the sun, I journeyed ethereal around and through the room.

Releasing the dance in Maria’s brush strokes, encouraging Kevin’s abdomen to stop stressing so much and swimming in an through Sara in a trail of sexual energy — allowing apprehension to block my erection with ponderings of social appropriateness.

I flowed movements of fluid expression through electro-acoustic reverberations and I almost learned to hula.

I realized how the muscles in my body are the physical vessel by which I carry my life’s experience. Each knot and scar, injury and misalignment, somatic movement and expressive precedent are the homes of psycho-emotional hurt and blockage.

I explored my auric body as if it were non-ordinary reality and took note of my subjection’s interactions as it traversed this newly relativistic realm — Learning lessons and problem-solving within my auric environment’s multitude of occupant symbolism.

I understood my body’s ability to organically heal permanently any injury if I could just relax and let it do what it does when I’m not making it DO something else

I flew through my inner world on the winds of the Atman.

I saw hurting as healing

I felt the honest beauty in simple moments

And on my birthday,

I solidified fresh friendships.

Living again the wonder of intentional LSD

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  1. Kevin Dubie Reply

    Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your learnings through life James. There’s an array of taboo conversations in the world though all you seem to see are lessons. This era is prosed with a list of “to-do’s” and a bigger one of “don’t-do’s”. I believe humans are charged to responsibly navigate all realms possible, shedding light on the paths of our global community.

    Be blessed.

  2. I can’t begin to express how your words have touched me. Absolutely brilliant and well constructed. Thank you James. I would love hear lots more or read more. Peace…..

  3. Alan Sechman Reply

    “I understood my body’s ability to organically heal permanently any injury if I could just relax and let it do what it does when I’m not making it DO something else”

    Big lesson. One I’m just beginning to learn. Thank you for your words.

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