Emanuel Sferios is an activist, educator and harm reduction advocate. Founding DanceSafe in 1998 and starting the first laboratory pill analysis program for ecstasy users that same year, Emanuel pioneered MDMA harm reduction services in the United States. He is currently producing a documentary on MDMA highlighting its use in therapy as well as harm reduction as a practical, rational alternative to three decades of failed efforts at prohibition.

For the March new moon episode of Adventures Through The Mind Radio, Emanuel and I sat down to talk about MDMA: The Movie. However, our conversation rolled on rather quickly into unexpected waters as we discussed prohibition and the war on drugs. Increasingly more so it has become obvious that the so-called Drug War is only making things worse and that prohibition may very well be the cause of the fatal drug problems we see in the modern world. It was great to get Emanual’s thoughts on this as a 20-year advocate for harm reduction.

We also talk about:
  • the early 90s rave scene,
  • the use of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the resolution of PTSD,
  • the early days of the DanceSafe harm reduction movement,
  • the fatal consequences of prohibition
  • functional heroin dependence,
  • MDMA safety: tips and practices,
  • Pharmacological hacks for ending MDMA hangover,
  • mainstream media’s manipulation of drug reporting to manufacture consent for a failing prohibition program


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