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The MDMA Hangover

Have you ever suffered the “Gloomy Tuesday” after a weekend with MDMA? Or maybe you are like me and it’s not just Tuesday but Monday through Friday and maybe into the following weekend. I get hit hard with the MDMA hangover and so I was SUPER grateful to learn about this hack for curing it. I also appreciated the opportunity to set the record straight on the dangers of mixing MDMA with SSRI antidepressants.

A clip extracted from ATTMIND Podcast Ep 44: Prohibition Fatalities and MDMA Complexities with Emanuel Sferios.
Watch the Full Interview Here

[edit: “This is Emanuel Sferios. I’d like to clarify something in this clip. The only reason I say “3-7 days” when referring to the MDMA hangover is because James Jesso (the person interviewing me in this video) said that he, himself, feels depressed for seven days after taking MDMA. This is not included in the video clip. So I was specifically referring to James, not to people in general. 🙂 ” ]

Topics Discussed in this Video:

  • Taking Antidepressants while on MDMA.
  • How to cure and MDMA hangover
  • How MDMA can kill you.
  • Why you feel depressed when you come down from MDMA.
  • MDMA Harm Reduction.
  • MDMA pharmacology.

Additional info on MDMA Neurotoxicity and hangovers

[Edit: Another significant contributor to the MDMA comedown effect is one of MDMA’s metabolites suppressing the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH). This enzyme converts tryptophan into 5-HT, meaning that we are also hindered in our ability to produce serotonin for several days afterward. This is an issue that is resolved in supplementation with 5-htp. See the links below for more details]

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