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headshot ben sessa w textDr. Ben Sessa is a leader in the field of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (particularly MDMA) in the UK. Specializing in psychiatry, child psychiatry, and pharmacology, he’s been using his medical degree to research psychedelics for the last 10 years.

Join us in this episode as we go into the current face of psychedelics in academia, The life cycle of childhood trauma into PTSD, the potential of psychedelics for the treatment of PTSD, as well as the neurophysiological mechanisms and potentials of not only MDMA but also LSD, Psilocybin, and Ketamine.

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  1. Markus Palmroth Reply

    I must leave an opinion of mine that even with mdma assisted psychotherapy, even if u get to understand and see the cause of the trauma and see it in the different light and even if u face the people who caused it to u and forgive in cognitive level and if you keep talking and integrating.. what my point is that i get kind of dissapointed that people with this high professions who wants to help people, they ignore the body, the nervous system and cellular level. People are lacking of emotional knowledge what u cant study or talk, it’s a feeling. You can talk and forgive and all that but to truly heal and let go and change yourself you must get the trauma out of your nervous system. First to stop everything that keeps those feelings down, pretty much psychotherapy and mdma assisted too is just poking the bonfire with a stick and changng it’s way of burning and avoiding the feelings still. People must have the nervous breakdown conciously and loose the control. In my opinion, you must dive deep in to those feelings, not ttalk about it because the way your body feels is your past. People must shake and cry and scream and laugh and sweat ans tingle and throwup and shit their fucking pants to heal. Im on that mission and thats the only way. I havent studyid or anything this is just common sense to me and i know it is for you too James. I was kind of hoping u bring that up with this kind of guy who can truly make a difference on a higher medicinal level.
    Mdma assisted psychotherapy might be like an introducion for body and emotion focused psilocybin psychotherapy/bioenergetics. Why is this so hard to understand for people that it is the only way to truly heal.
    I’m 23 year old guy from Finland who is on the journey of healing and yeah, sorry my post turned out kind of negative, which is not the way but i got annoyed of that dude and i write here haha.
    I like your way of doing things and i hope to meet u somewhere sometime. You are on the right track and i am happy there is someone out there who is taking this stuff out in the internet. I dont know where to start.
    Anyway, thank you brother and peace and love:)
    Ps. Sorry tht i started with a pissed of attitude i just chanelled tht energy here.

    • no worries on the POA mate, it happens.
      I think this isa great argument you bring up, and truly experience the embodiment of that darkness is certainly advantageous and possibly essential. That being said, there are different camps on this, even in the more advanced psychedelic community. Personally, I think it is al dependant on where a person is at in their process and what works best for them. In regards to intense trauma, it is quite easy to just reenforce trauma when trying to enter those dark places again. MDMA in this context can help to release some pressure and gain perspective. Of course the real healing still takes time, integration and direct presence. But perhaps this is more effectively achieved after some release, perhaps that release is only used to more deeply dissociate. This topic will be a great one to keep in mind for the next appropriate interview context.

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