MDMA is on the front lines of the psychedelic renaissance, shining a light of hope into the lives of those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

On this episode, we feature Melanie and Thomas Heath. These two incredible humans have been putting themselves in the public eye to speak about the therapeutic power of MDMA. They come onto the show to share their experiences working with MDMA to assist in the treatment (and even resolution) of deeply debilitating PTSD.

This episode goes deep into their personal experiences with PTSD, mental illness, and what pushed them to break the hard social conventions they were raised in and “used illegal drugs”. In deep transparency and vulnerability, these two incredible people are standing outside the psychedelic closet and speaking openly about how MDMA changed their lives for the better.

***A word of warning: the audio in this episode is rough, but I choose to release it anyways as the content is so beautiful and honest that I didn’t want to loose it. Thanks for your forgiveness in advance.  😉


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