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One taps their deep consciousness in storytelling, and through the ‘vehicle’ of language offers far more than the storyteller is able to recognize on their own. The real value of a book comes from meaning unlocked by the reader. So without you, this book, this project, this mission, means nothing. It is only for and through a community that the co-creative process of cultural and personal transformation can occur. It is through this ‘community’ that great possibilities can come to fruit.

This is about more than just getting a book funded, it’s about deepening the culture around psilocybin so it can spread and inspire others. It’s about letting others know they are not alone in the darkness they have faced and the benefits they have earned. This book is a fruiting body of something much larger than the author, and this campaign is the spore liberation.

This is why I, we, need your help. The True Light Of Darkness is more than ‘my book’. Be a part of this process, please support the campaign.

-James W. Jesso

This Campaign is now over, but you can….

Check Out The Campaign Here

The Original Video Here
Or the Now Available Book Here

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