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We welcome Gay Dillingham to the April full moon edition of ATTMind Radio. Gay is an award-winning filmmaker and the director of Dying To Know: Timothy Leary and Ram Das.

We have her on the show to talk about Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, who they were on the surface of history but also who they were as people, friends, and members of a larger community.

We also talk about the process of making this film and why she felt telling the story of these two men was so important that she was willing to invest 19 years of her life into making it. (Also, how it was she got Robert Redford to narrate this film about counter-cultural heroes!)

Personally, watching this film was perspective altering for me, which I talk about in the episode. Having been exposed to an intimate revealing of people whom I had only known as the legends that had come before me, was deeply meaningful.

If you do, or don’t know who these men are it’s still a worthy listen, as, like Gay proclaims in the film, “whether you know them or not, chances are they changed your life”.


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