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daniel_waterman-attmindOn today’s episode, I am happy to introduce, Daniel Waterman. He is a philosopher, artist, writer, and Ayahuasca provider based in the Netherlands. He is also the author of Entheogens, Society & Law. 

Daniel and I met up in the Netherlands to record this conversation in his living room. The recording taps into the conversation just as Daniel begins to speak about the implications of a major turning point in his journey with Ayahuasca just after 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Daniel carries the conversation in poignant and poetic forms from there as we touch on the larger context around his book Entheogens, Society & Law, death and rebirth, religious morals and ethics and their place in law, DMT entities and ‘Meaning’, E-Prime, and what it means to find relevant questions.

This is a beautiful journey with a very well-spoken and insightful man who has a lot to offer us. Enjoy.

(ep. originally titled “Entheogens, Society & Law”)

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Entheogens, Society & Law (Daniel’s Book)

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***Featured image is a section of the cover for Entheogens, Society & Law, Copyright Daniel Waterman 2013


  1. Human Being Reply

    My name.does not matter. I was psychologically, phsically, emotionally, abused by of all persons, my mother. My life has been tormentdul from infancy until now. It has also been filled with the joy of the likes of Terrance Mckenna, Edgar Cayce, a four year college degree, theoretical physics and many many other unusual renegade, revolutionary thnkers and psychonauts (not nessecarilly in that order and too many to note here). Did I mention. ALL the coincidences that were not coincidences which have led me where I am today (asteral projection, telepathy, vivid dreams, etc?). And I am a critical, analytical, believes in the scientific steps person. Yet again and again the Universe leads me here. I believe that psychedelics are the key to the evolution, healing, and future pf humans. But currently I am homless. Have been for a year and a half. I am very interested in using psychedelics in a constructive and respectful way but dont know where to start. I will begin this journey somehow even if I stumble and fall. Its my hope. This is the first time I have EVER reached out. […removed included phone number for privacy reasons…]

    • Hey Fellow Human,
      I hear your story and see you in a place of vulnerability, surrender and openness to what’s possible in your life. I also see you reaching out, though to be honest, I don’t see a request in your comment. Is it where to start with psychedelics? I suppose from safe, informed, and responsible choices would be the place to start. But it’s not so easy to refer people to psychedelics. My work isn’t intended to do that, nor am I in a place to direct, hold space, or refer anyone to anything really, especially having no idea who that person is. It is risky, full-tilt, and powerful work that would be incredibly irresponsible for me to just direct people in their choices around psychedelic use. I hope that what comes for you in all of this comes with ease, grace, and flow. Thanks for reaching out. Although I may not have offered you what you are looking for, I hope the act of being vulnerable enough to ask and open to receive creates a positive pattern in your life.-J

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