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Psychedelic healing is possible.

Possible and probable, however, are different things. It is entirely possible to heal with psychedelics but the probability of that healing happening or that healing actually transforming your life is determined by several different factors. One such factor is our relationships.

Like former guest on Adventures Through The Mind, Bruce Sanguin, says in his book about healing with psychedelics,

we are wounded in relationship and heal in relationship.

adventures through the mind promo photo 115We lose the possibility of healing when we do not apply what our psychedelic healing experiences offered us into the various relationships we hold in our lives. This isn’t easy work. It means taking an uncomfortable look at ourselves, our motivations, our unconscious needs, and many other aspects of ourselves we might otherwise want to assume are all well and good.

Furthermore, relationships with other people are complex and often difficult to navigate. To add to the complexity, though, it’s not just our relationships with other people in our lives that we must hold in consideration. We also have a relationship with the psychedelics we are working with for our healing. How we regard and engage that relationship influences what type of healing or transformation psychedelics can offer us.

Again, relationships with other people are complex and often difficult to navigate. The same can be said for our relationships with psychedelics. In fact, a better understanding of human relationships and how to engage in them in a healthy way can work as a model for engaging our relationship to psychedelics and psychedelic healing in a healthier way.

It is with this overlapping value between human relationships and our relationship to psychedelics that we welcome Mel Cassidy to Adventures Through The Mind for her second time [first interview here]. 

mel cassidy psychedelicsMel Cassidy is a relationship coach and sex-positive nerd who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic open relationships. Mel is certified in Counselling for Intimacy and Relationships, Holistic Peer Counselling, and is a ZEGG Forum facilitator. They are a student of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology, and pursue education focused on trauma-informed approaches to the mind-body relationship.

Mel Cassidy has also been engaging a relationship with psychedelics since they helped Mel heal after multiple miscarriages earlier in life.

Mel joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to explore how their models of understanding and engaging human relationships apply to understand and engaging our relationship to psychedelics, psychedelic healing, and psychedelic communities.

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Episode Breakdown

  • How psychedelics helped Mel heal through multiple miscarriages
  • Building a relationship to psychedelic medicine
  • Are psychedelics agents or tools?
  • Value difference in how different cultures view non-human elements of life
  • Two sides of me-centered relationships with psychedelics: materialism and spiritual bypassing
  • The risk of losing our deep cultural to psychedelics in favor of the capitalist and medical agendas of psychedelic legislation
  • How Canadian cannabis legalization screwed over generational cannabis farmers
  • The 4 layers of relations and their associated fears
  • Why we rush into intimacy before receiving safety and the consequences on our nervous system
  • The dangers of using psychedelics as merely objects to get our needs met
  • How dysfunctional relating behaviors may express themselves in psychedelic communities
  • The vital importance of layers of safety and knowledge of boundaries before journeying with psychedelics
  • Being “traditional trained shaman” doesn’t necessarily mean they are a safe provider
  • The risks/benefits of surrendering our control to a shaman or healer
  • Treating our psychedelic experiences the same way we treat our sexuality
  • Sexuality cautions and considerations as a model for engaging in psychedelic experiences
  • Four things to ask/discuss before sex or a medicine journey
    • look at your fears;
    • talk about your hopes/desires
    • talk about your boundaries
    • aftercare
  • Our aftercare processed for both sexual and psychedelic experience
  • The failures of group-shunning
  • Exploring the presence of and complexities of sexual abuse in psychedelic communities
  • Steve Bearman’s interchange was a cult
  • The dangers of supremacy stretch whiten psychedelic communities.
  • Dyadic relationships do not exist in isolation
  • “open window check-in”
  • Both supremacy and trauma create similar problems
  • Supremecy structures within shamanic communities
  • The deep healing needed for our relationships

Relevant Links

Find out more about Mel Cassidy through her website Radical Relationship Coaching. On this site, you will find more about Mel’s coaching practice, Mel’s blog, and their 6-week online course Monogamy Detox.

Follow Mel Cassidy on Facebook.

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