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Back in the summer of 2017, I experienced the wild psilocybin mushrooms of San Jose del Pacifico in Oaxaca, Mexico.

They call them the “landslides”.

Or their proper name ” Derrumbes” (Thanks to Daniel, aka Blue Lunar Monkey, for pointing that out).

I was down there to trip with Kilindi Iyi, Dr Gerry, and Julian Palmer. This report is the meat of what I experienced during my psychedelic encounter with the landslide mushrooms.

Getting down to Mexico to experience these mushrooms was definitely on my bucket list and I feel SO GRATEFUL for it to have come to me at the exact moment I was able to say yes to it. I am also very happy to have had the opportunity to, despite the final revelation shared in this video, share it with others like yourself via this medium.

The excerpt used in this video is from the YourMateTom podcast.

You can watch the full interview here
(Story of my time in Mexico is from 0:56 – 1:13)

Watch/listen to the conversation between Kilindi, Julian, Gerry and Myself

PLEASE READ: I want to be clear that although I have featured Gerry in this video, as well as the others, that I DO NOT endorse him as a toad medicine facilitator. That said, I am not warning you to steer clear from him. I just want it to be clear that him being on my show as an author and a figure in psychedelic culture does not equate to me endorsing his services.

I have not received or witnessed his facilitation in a structured context and thus cannot confirm or deny its value or safety. I have also heard both very positive and very negative opinions of him over the years. If you choose to seek him out, do so because you did your due diligence in researching him and reviews on his service and decided it was the right fit, not just because he was featured on my show.

thanks and be safe


“A recently released open letter from concerned members of the entheogenic community has detailed years of reported abuse and malpractice from two leading facilitators of the highly psychoactive Bufo alvarius toad venom: Octavio Rettig and Gerry Sandoval.

The Open Letter, currently sitting with nearly 300 signatures from concerned community members, lays out the dozens of varied accusations against the pair that have surfaced in the past decade, stating that there is “overwhelming evidence” that the two Bufo facilitators have engaged in “reckless, unethical, and potentially criminal behavior.”

Learn more here

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