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Will psychedelics save the world?

Assuming we need to be saved at all, it’s unlikely, at least by result of just taking them. But I believe that there is a role psychedelic therapy will play in the positive transformation of society (If we are lucky).

This video is a response to a substantial criticism (posted below) that was given to the statement I made in another video (also below), where I said that LSD experiences could positively transform the world.

The video presented here provides a greater context to my thoughts around why psychedelics can play a positive role on the transformation of society, but only when held in containers that give rise to personal growth, healing, and transformation. 

***I am still getting my mind around these ideas and I openly welcome comments, considerations, expansions, and/or criticisms.

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Why LSD was one of the most important experiences of my life 

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The criticism to which I am responding came from gordoTEK in the comments to the aforementioned video.:

I think this idea of “we are at a critical junction in human history facing unprecedented civilization conflict and psychedelics are key to saving the world” is the narrative James Kent has done a commendable job at tearing apart. I think you should reconsider leaning in this direction/thought trap. Personally I think this idea is the fantasy psychedelics enthusiasts like to tell themselves (and have been telling themselves for decades) to make psychedelics seem more important than they actually are. Don’t get me wrong, like you I think psychedelics are fascinating and still contain potential for human benefit despite a long history of mostly failure in that regard 😉 I’m a proponent of more research and love to see that serious research is happening at reputable universities. That said, there’s huge opportunity also for abuse and harm as you’ve seen firsthand. Caution is very much required.

(you can see this comment on the reponse thread in the comments to this video on youtube.)

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