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I will be doing a free webinar as a part of the Home In Myself Summit.

There will be over 20 presenters giving free webinars on 1-14th of July 2018.

You can learn more about who’s presenting as well as sign up for your free access via this link.
(NOTE: in order to sign up for mine specifically, you have scroll down to find it. They are in order of the first to last, top to bottom. I am down on July 12)

You can rewatch all the presentations while the summit is ongoing and get lifetime access if you sign up for the ‘all-access pass’ (which I receive 50% of what you pay to sign up! So thanks for doing that ? )

Details to my presentation are listed below.


How Psilocybin Helped Me Love My Most Unlovable Parts


Psychedelics are powerful. Not only can they awaken a profound response when we ingest them but merely mentioning them out loud can trigger profound reactions in those around us. Unfortunately, often this reaction is one of fear, judgement, and generally negative stigma. It has been my mission for the better part of the last decade to help dissolve this stigma by sharing my story with psychedelics and all that I have learned about psychedelics’ capacity to transform our lives for the better.

In this webinar, I will present some of my own story as well as explore the means by which psilocybin mushrooms, in particular, but psychedelics in general, can increase our quality of life by confronting us with the most unlovable parts of ourselves.

Date and Time:
July  12, 2018 ~ 6-8pm EST

Sign Up To Watch For Free Here


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