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I was interviewed by Swedish political satirist Aron Flam while I was passing through Stockholm Sweden this past August, 2018.

Fast forward several months and the interview is now available for your enjoyment.

*See below for episode breakdown*

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From Aron Flam’s website post for this episode:

Before meeting James I knew little about him. He came highly recommended from a Sweden based network for science on psychedelics that I have been a member of since 2012.

The interview went rather well regardless. Which might not be so strange considering me and James share psychedelic subculture as an area of interest. And since I have had a chance to listen to his podcast – Adventures Through the Mind – and suggest you check it out if that sort of thing interest you.

James is from Canada and has a history of problematic drug use. Part of his mission is exploring a healthier relationship to substances that can be life altering. He has written two books on the subject ”Decomposing the Shadow” and ”True Light of Darkness”.

The end result of our conversation can be enjoyed here!

Episode Breakdown

  • Introductions
  • How and why I got into psychedelics, the good and the ‘bad’
  • The rich potential of psychedelic culture for the world as a whole
  • Why I make my podcast and what I hope to achieve with it
  • The differences (and problems) around the terms ‘hallucinogen’, ‘psychedelic’ and ‘entheogen’
  • Why the ‘organic vs. organic’ paradigm present in new age psychedelic culture is a fallacy
  • A deep exploration of Set, Setting, and Dose
  • The functional usage but danger of considering ourselves ‘individuals’ – our inter-connectivity as a species
  • The explanatory power of Jungian theory insofar as understanding our psychedelic experiences
  • Safety caveats for and risks of psychedelic usage
    • a deconstruction of their potential to trigger psychosis
    • poor setting/decisions during the experience
    • getting generally confused due to overuse of psychedelic
  • Grounding ourselves in secularism, but reaching for the mythopoetic
  • A deep exploration of Trauma – what is it, how it shows up in our lives and bodies, and how can psychedelics help us heal trauma
  • The importance of a sense of loving safe compassion and connection to heal trauma
  • How psilocybin does and can help us to heal our wounds and mature us
  • What  “decomposing the shadow” means and the importance of feeling our pain
  • The power of story telling
  • Bad trips – what they are and where they come from
  • The story of one of my bad trips and what I learned from it
  • What I am advocating for in my work as a whole

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