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***See below for a complete topic breakdown.***

Art holds the power to alter our sense of reality, sense of self, and sense of possibility.

Very few artists, however, wield this power with an intention to better the world one dance floor at a time. Our guests for this episode of the podcast do wield that power and are calling in that better world through music and theater.

Welcome to Adventures Through The Mind, Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution – aka Eve and Yaegon.

“This incredible duo sets the stage for an intentional future ancient ritual with mythic expression to create a kinesthetic tapestry to scintillate your being awake. World fusion beats manifest into visceral living archetypes that come to life before you, the pulsing vibrations cascade infinite ripples of geometric harmonies throughout the dance floor, and together we are danced into the nectar of celebrating life. In the sacred union of both crystalline sound architecture and the unique style of embodied ritual theatre, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution invite your soul into an alchemical experience of divine art devoted to the heart.” [source]

We feature Eve and Yaegon on the show to talk about the transformative power of music, theater and dance in the context of ancient technologies, mythology, and magic. We also share a thoroughly grounded discussion about cultural appropriation, the history of domination across cultures, the challenge of being a successful woman in a sexist industry, and the life-giving potentials of monogamous partnership.

A huge thanks for their permission to use the music you heard/will hear in this episode. See below for links to where you can listen to more.

*** If you have noticed this write up is much shorter than normal, it is because I have prepared all the shows to release prior to my speaking tour in Europe this summer. Reducing the write-up was an essential means of achieving this goal. They will pick up again in the autumn. Check me out on tour!



Episode Breakdown

  • Going beyond groovy tunes and great costumes
  • Crafting fields of potential with intention and ritual
  • Mandalas of sound
  • Theater as a means to evoke ancient mythology
  • Altering reality with storytelling and performance
  • ‘Transformational festivals’
  • Festival culture and the modern awakening of ancient technology
  • The difference between celebrating ‘the ancients’ and stereotyping first nations people
  • A short wondering on the world-history of domination across cultures and ethnicities
  • Exploring cultural-appropriation and calling-out in music and festival culture
  • Being a powerful, unapologetic feminine woman in the face of sexism in the dominant western culture
  • The power of sacred partnership/relationship in life and in art; beyond polyamory

Relevant Links

Evokation Sacred Art

This is Eve’s mythic theater performance group. “Evokation Sacred Art is a Ritual Theatre collaborative creation of intentional performance with the focus on healing, awakening, and activating the divinity within all those who are connected to the experience in any way.”

Merkaba Music

This is Yaegon’s brainchild: a music label featuring some of (IMO) the best electronic music in the world today. Here is also where you can learn more about and listen to Yaegon’s Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba (psytrance) projects.

Follow Eve Olution on Instagram and facebook
Follow Kalya Scintilla on Facebook and Instagram
Follow Merkaba Music on Facebook And Instagram

Like the music you heard?

Those songs are off Kayla Scintilla – Listen To The Trees. The song during the intro was Acacia and Boab at the end. Also, the cover image comes from another of his albums Open Ancient Eyes.


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***featured image courtesy and copyright of Yaegon and Merkarba Records. It is extracted from the cover of Open Ancient Eyes by Kalya Scintilla

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