“People say ‘I want to achieve unity, or experience unity, or I want to unite with God, or become One’, and the reality is: Guess what, you already are, ok?, that’s just the nature of how things are, you cannot BECOME One, you were never separate to begin with, that’s an illusion that you created for yourself”
Author, musician, visionary artist (his art is on this show’s cover), and Martin Ball Podcast ATTMind Radiothe host of The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast Martin W. Ball Joins us this episode to talk about 5-Me0-DMT, the nearly- religious fundamentalism around Terrence McKenna, the role of the Ego, and your true nature in non-duality. This is a potent episode with some controversial topics and a conversation I am excited to share.


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Martin’s Website

Fractal Imagination (Visionary Art)
The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast
***Exploring Psychedelics Conference Homepage***


Entheogens As Energetic Tools
Terence on DMT (article by Martin)
Sounscapes & Psychedelics
True Light Of Darkness

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