Mike Crwoley Promo Photo ATTMINDHistorian and ordained Buddhist lama Mike Crowley joins us on ATTMind Radio this week to talk about his new book, The Secret Drugs Of Buddhism. We explore the historical origins of Buddhism and discuss the fabled Soma and Amrita as a concoction of psychedelics plants similar to that of Ayahuasca. We talk about the complex of connections between psychedelics in ancient civilizations and various scriptures of ancient Asianic traditions, contact of intelligent entities in the psychedelics realms, the connections between modern drug culture and evolution of Buddhism.

Mike is a fantastic wealth of information and set me straight on a couple ideas I have been considering for a long while. This is a great podcast with lots of cool history. He is also funding the release of his book via Kickstarter, which ends on Feb 6, 2016. Don’t miss your opportunity to help this book reach the world.

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***Featured image courtesy of Mike Crowley; it’s a modified version of the cover of his book!


  1. Graham Crowley Reply

    Having been involved in the proof reading of both issues of this book (to say nothing of my involvement in the life of Mike Crowley) firstly, I’m a little disappointed in the treatment of “The Churning of the Oceans” in this second rendition. A lot of detail and explanation of this epochal event have been omitted from the original to allow space for many more diverse examples of the use of mushrooms in early religious rituals, and whole new chapters on female deities. On the other hand, I’m glad to say that these omissions and condensed chapters have paved the way to a whole new book. I look forward to the new work and opportunities to proof read and embark on discussion that this offers me. I must also comment on the sometimes irritating pauses between question and answer when in discussion with Mike, given several decades of experience I can say two things, firstly you have to understand the overwhelming depth and extensive knowledge of his well of understanding when he dips his bucket down for an answer, and secondly be really thankful that he no longer says “UM” three or four times before selecting the best answer based on the context of the question. This is a book of revelation for of those interested in Eastern religion and spiritualism (I’m not one of those myself), and a bloody interesting read for those of a purely earth-bound existence. To quote Mike on a spiritualistic aspirant versus a friend of mine who likes motorbikes and things mechanical (Both called Mike oddly enough), Mike Crowley looked at the sturdy lock and chain securing Mike Luxtons motorbike and commented on its ability to deter would be thieves. Mike Luxton looked him straight in the eye and said “Yes, but it will only really deter an honest man”. Hence Mike Crowley’s” later quote about the spiritualistic aspirant..”I’d rather talk to Mike Luxton about motorbikes. (one of the few subjects Mike Crowley has no knowledge of). At least he knows what a fucking nut and bolt is!”.

    • jameswjesso Reply

      I personally had no problem with Mike’s pauses. I appreciate when a person takes a moment to select the best way to frame addressing a question. Very excited to explore the depth of Mike’s work in time. Thanks for the comment Graham

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