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When seeking the serenity of short mantras sung in silence
Seeking to be encompassed by the infinitude of a self-reflective moment
Do not worry whether or not you shall achieve any specific result

These specifics of achievement are attachments of an ego
Fragmented, self-deceptive and socially conditioned
They serve not but to limit you from the direct beauty of infinity

Know that you are already perfect, fully realized and enlightened
That the progress of your life is now and has always been full and in line
That the true Guru resides within you and is in all ways present

Release yourself from this illusion of lack and you will find the truth inside you
When you allow this recognition to become you and be projected onto the world
Blessings will be granted to all those that enter your gaze.

See God in all things
Call her by name
Let yourself be one with loving awareness

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