Steve seva attmind promo lrgAlternatively, I was gonna call this episode “A big YES to Sacred Sex”, but felt perhaps something a bit more specific would be relevant. But let that be an inclination as to what this episode will be offering. Steven Seva Roland is a Canadian Tantra and Sacred Intimacy workshop facilitator, coach, mentor, and author.  

We talk personal stories and practical techniques for developing deeply intimately sexual connections. But of course, no episode on Tantric Sexuality would be complete without discussion arousal control in men as well as the cultivation of male non-ejaculatory orgasms. 


~{Here’s some exciting news: Steven is hosting an online conference he calls the 21st Century Masculine Summit (and I am one of the presenters! ). Take a moment to check out the details here.}~

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***Featured image courtesy and copyright of Steven Seva! You can see it on his website found through the above link

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