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As the technology of virtual reality continues to progress, it is important that we look beyond the uses gaming companies, Facebook, and Samsung will develop it for. What happens when the capacity to build a completely immersive and convince alternate reality lands in the hands of visionary artists and shamanic healers?

For the new moon episode of ATTMind Radio, we welcome Dutch visionary artist Sander Bos to the show. Painter, musician, and reality-engineer, Sander has been exploring the potentials of art to awaken a sense of healing and enlightenment. He explores the role of the shaman as an artistic one and using virtual reality as his medium is seeking to create shamanic healing experiences in digital spaces.

“I am fascinated in building with light […] a zen garden, a kind of healing space in VR, so you can experience different states of consciousness and different healing experience”

– Sander Bos

Topics Discussed:

  • How the art and symbolism of consumeristic society informs our reality
  • The shaman as the artist
  • The role of art
  • How psychedelics transomed Sander’s relationship to art
  • Creating convinces illusions with art
  • Healing experiences with art
  • Horror games in VR and facing the shadow
  • Healing spaces of Light
  • The identity and the sense of self in a VR-informed society
  • Digital Ayahuasca


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Sander’s Website

(here you will find all of Sander’s projects. He has several really cool visionary animation videos and even some downloadable apps for Samsung VR!)


(here you can check out the trailer for Sander’s Astralium, as well as download it for the oculus rift!)

Sander is also on Facebook and YouTube

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*featured image taken from Sander’s VR project, Astralium

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