In 2017, Andrea Bird received her terminal diagnosis. In December of 2018, having no experience with it up to this point, she received underground psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to grapple with the challenge of dying. She is on the show for this episode to share her psilocybin story publicly for the first time.

Maria Balaet is on the show to talk about the impact of psychedelics on memory processing, the neuropharmacology of memory, the interplay of memory and personal consciousness, and the ethics of memory modulation with psychedelics.

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Dr. Oliver Grundmann joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to talk about Kratom. We discuss its traditional cultural use, legal history, pharmacology, modern cultural use, preparation best practices, its benefits and its risks, and how to safely start using kratom.

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Francoise joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to discuss the Mazatec mushroom tradition and her decade-long journey bridging ingenious wisdom with the western traction while appreciating under traditional mushrooms curanderas.

The Dank Duchess is on the show to discuss hashish, from what it means and how its made to why it matters in the modern cannabis market. We also discuss the ongoing impact of cannabis prohibition on black culture in the united states; harmful trends in the modern cannabis culture; and the power of hashish (and cannabis in general) to bridge our social divides and lay foundations for a better world.

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Mel Cassidy joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to explore how their models of understanding and engaging human relationships apply to understandings and engaging our relationship to psychedelics, psychedelic healing, and psychedelic communities.

David Krantz and I talk about how our unique genetics influence our metabolism of cannabis (nutrigenomics) and the resulting impact of cannabis use on our epigenetic health. Furthermore, we reach into a discussion on how the same framework of understanding applies to our metabolism of psychedelics and the potential future of a genome-specific screening program for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.