♥ lysergic acid diethylamide ♥

LSD engages the concepts and ideas functioning beneath the surface of your conscious mind. With moving expression and the colours of your imagination, it paints those ideas across your external world. When you enter that space, you begin to play with your environment, learn lessons from yourself and make discoveries about the indefinite depth of your creative mind through a relative interaction with it. LSD unlocks a functioning of mind that allows you access to an ability to overlap, interconnect and build complex structures of understanding about yourself that was previously unavailable.

It is a tool to explore your mind and like any tool it can be misused due to misunderstanding. Truly, the greatest danger to a person taking LSD is ignorance and stigma. Yet that is exactly what is being spread to the greater public and younger members of our society. A stigma perpetuated by a social establishment misinformed by previous leaders who saw LSD’s greatest danger as the dissolution of ignorance.

LSD, like other psychedelic substances, takes away unconscious boundaries and allows you to see yourself for what you are capable of becoming when you shed all the unnecessary weight of cultural labels and psychological conditioning. When cultivated, this process illuminates a deeper truth from within us. Though when misused due to ignorance, it can cause confusion and psychological wounding. This is why is has been demonized in the eyes of our society.

For a civilization based on a hierarchy of the strong overcoming the meek, whose leaders rely on the perpetuation of this principle, LSD is a mold that eats away the wood they build their house on; it is the cracks in the pyramid’s foundation; it is a light of knowledge that can power through their darkness.

Be not afraid.

“Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing yourself is true Wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering yourself is true power”
-Tao Te Ching #33 – Stephen Mitchell

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Image source: Dopatonin via Tumblr

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